Saturday, July 2, 2011

History of Nursing Process

The nursing process in Indonesia began to be known around the 1980's. Nurses who trained before the year is generally not familiar with the nursing process as the curriculum in education have not been taught the method. The nursing process came to prominence in nursing education in Indonesia is the Diploma of Nursing Education Catalog issued the Directorate General of Higher Education Department of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in 1984.
Term overseas nursing process was introduced in 1955 by Lidya Hall, and since the experts describe the nursing process in nursing varied. At the beginning of its development, the nursing process has three stages, then the four stages and is currently nursing process has five stages. Five-stage process first introduced in 1967 by the Western Interstate Commission of Higher Education (WICHE) which include: perception, communication, interpretation, intervention, and evaluation. In the same year the faculty, and Walsh Yura.H at the Catholic University of American mangusulkan method of four stages, including: assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation (Craven & Hirnle, 2000). In 1973, the American Nurses' Association (ANA) published the standars of Nursing Practice and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (1982) which consists of five stages, including: assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation (Kozier et al. , 1995).
Nursing process continue to evolve and then Nursing Diagnosis term was introduced in the literature of nursing. In 1973, Gebbie and Levin from St. Louis University School of Nursing assists in organizing the first conference on the classification of nursing diagnoses in the United States.
In 1982, formed the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA), which held a conference every two years on the classification of nursing diagnoses (Potter & Perry, 1997).
At this time the nursing process has been developed and applied in various order health services in Indonesia, such as hospitals, clinics, health centers, family care, community health care, and treatment in special groups. But in general not optimal application of the nursing process and problem solving have not described scientifically by a nurse, because basically this is not apart from the existing nursing resources and institutional support.

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